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About Us



The colours used in the logo are:

Black stands for Strength, which is shown in the long standing legacy and history of Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery

Orange is used to illustrate the qualities of joyful, wisdom and passion that will be grown in our Buddhist Youth.

“Y” is presented as a seedling in the logo to illustrate our Buddhist youth are like budding seedlings growing under the nourishment given by the Triple Gems.


KMSPKS Youth creates a platform for youth to:

  • Learn and practise Buddhism with fellow Buddhist youths
  • Achieve personal and spiritual growths
  • Contribute  to the Buddhist communities locally and overseas

We are committed to outreaching to those who are new or interested in Buddhism.

Below are the core programmes which you can participate.

Core Programmes

Y cultivation
To learn and achieve personal spiritual growth through courses, workshops and retreats focusing on Buddhist teaching for daily practice.

Y lifestyle
A series of programmes conducted by professionals to enhance the confidence, personality and well-being of individuals.

Y care
A community outreach programme to share love for the less fortunate locally and overseas and bring cheer into their lives.

Y arts and culture
To scout, nurture and showcase talents on performing arts, stage production and visual arts by providing holistic training and opportunities for performances.

Y guide
To help others explore and discover the charm of Buddhist history, culture, arts and architecture through temple tours, exhibitions and events.


Y mentor
Be a part of our team to facilitate, guide and motivate young Buddhists with your knowledge, experience and expertise as they walk the Dharma path.

Y talk
A lifestyle sharing programme for young professionals to relax and discover Buddhism and its relevance in daily life.

  • Every second and fourth Thursday of the month
    Time: 7.30pm to 9.30pm
    Venue: Awareness Place Well-Being Centre
    Blk 261, Waterloo St #01-42, Waterloo Centre, S(180261)


Kmspks Youth is powered by KMSPKS