Park Cleaning

Join us on this day, as we take some time to be absorbed in nature, enjoying the moment instead of being busy.

Buddhism for Millennials 现今佛教

Conducted by Venerable Ren Xu, the course will provide you with an overview of the teachings taught by the Buddha, and serves to help you find relevance for application in various areas of your lives.

Weekly Sunday Youth Fellowship (SYF)

KMS Youth invites you to join our weekly Sunday Youth Fellowship (SYF)!

Dharma and the City Series

Join us for a series of Dharma talks that are catered specially for the busy city folks.

Blissful Drumming for Senior Citizens 鼓乐悦

Blissful Drumming aims to provide a platform for participants aged 40 & above to engage in this therapeutic activity. 鼓乐悦专为年龄超过40岁的人士提供一个修身养性的平台。

Ukulele Interest Group 乌克丽丽活动小组

Join us to learn how to play and perform some simple songs with the ukulele.

Sports and Games

Captain’s Ball and Frisbee will start from Sunday 14 February onwards!

Free Tuition for Needy Students

Y-tuition programme provides academic guidance to needy secondary four students.

Looking for Volunteer Tutors!

KMSPKS Youth is appealing for volunteer tutors!

Volunteers for Home-visitation Program

We are looking for friendly and compassionate volunteers who would enjoy visiting with isolated seniors.

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