Volunteer Recruitment for Alms offering (Logistics team)

kick start the new year by volunteering this KMSPKS major event! Come join us as a volunteer for Alms & Sangha’s offering 2017.

The Art of Kokedama (Limited to 20 participants)

Join us for an evening of serenity and craft by learning the art of Kokedama (translation “moss ball”) to create beautiful and creative ornamental plant pieces you can use to beautify your house and office.

Hand-lettering for Beginners

Explore the world of typography in this introductory workshop to hand-lettering!

Layperson’s Guide to Practicing Buddhism

Join Venerable Chao Khun Keng to find out how to practice and apply the Dharma you have learnt in your daily life.

Weekly Sunday Youth Fellowship (SYF)

KMS Youth invites you to join our weekly Sunday Youth Fellowship (SYF)!

Kopitiam Outing with Bright Hill Evergreen Home Residents

We will be assisting to bring the residents out for some fresh air. Do join us for this meaningful event!

Park Cleaning

Join us on this day, as we take some time to be absorbed in nature, enjoying the moment instead of being busy.

Food Ration Distribution

We will be working together with the senior volunteers to pack the food at the monastery and then deliver to the low income families staying at Thomson Ville Estate.

Buddhism for Millennials 现今佛教

Conducted by Venerable Ren Xu, the course will provide you with an overview of the teachings taught by the Buddha, and serves to help you find relevance for application in various areas of your lives.

How to Manage Difficult People with Loving-Kindness

Meeting difficult people in our daily lives is inevitable. Instead of dreading to be in their presence, join Venerable Ren Xu to learn how to use Buddha’s teaching to deal with such people.

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